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-Our Heritage

Gone are the days when we washed and refilled Coca-Cola bottles by hand and delivered them on horse-drawn wagons. But just like then, we're pursuing better ways to make and deliver the world's best soft drinks.

1902-J.B. Harrison

In 1902...

J.B. Harrison begins selling Coca-Cola in bottles in Greensboro, NC, launching North Carolina's first Coca-Cola bottling company. Two decades of rapid growth follow for Coca-Cola bottlers.

1902 JB Harrison

1916-Contour Bottle

In 1916...

Coca-Cola bottlers approve the unique contour bottle.

1916 Contour Bottle


In 1920...

U.S. Supreme Court rules that the name, "Coke," means "Coca-Cola," making "Coke" a trademark of The Coca-Cola Company.

1931-Santa Claus

In 1931...

Haddon Sundblom creates the iconic first Santa Claus used by The Coca-Cola Company.

1931 Santa

1948-63% of Veterans

In 1948...

American Legion Magazine poll reveals that more than 63% of veterans prefer Coca-Cola.

1948 Morris

1950-Canned Drinks

In 1950...

Canned soft drinks are introduced.

1955-10oz 12oz 26oz

In 1955...

The Coca-Cola Company introduces 10, 12, and 26 ounce king-sized and family-sized bottles.

1955 CokeProd

1971-I'd Like To Buy...

In 1971...

"I'd like to buy the world a Coke" becomes one of the most popular advertisements.

1971 Hilltop

1982-Diet Coke

In 1982...

Diet Coke is introduced.

1985-Cherry Coke

In 1985...

CCBCC is the first company to introduce Cherry Coke. Also, Coca-Cola goes into space on the space shuttle.

1997-J. Frank Harrison III

In 1997...

Board Chairman J. Frank Harrison, III, great-grandson of the company's founder, becomes CEO.

1997 Frank H

1999-Dasani Water

In 1999...

CCBCC is the first Coca-Cola bottler to introduce Dasani water.


In 2002...

CCBCC celebrates its 100th Anniversary.

2002 100th

2010-Largest Bottler

In 2010...

CCBCC becomes the nation's largest independent Coca-Cola bottler.